Creating a race team is not a team-building event. It is a process of living a values that the company and employees share. It’s a unique way to present what you stand for. 


It's a real journey

Sailing naturally connects with innovation and the courage of exciting people. At the final stage of this process, your team will compete in a real sailing race in Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Bulgaria.



  • Excited employees
  • Cool offer for new employees
  • Embodied and shared values
  • Trust and appreciation for providing a chance for exotic travel and home office weeks
  • Celebration mood
  • A great story to tell

+ your own racing team like f1 

Your crew members will have a lifetime experience and will become a part of your company history. To set up and make this unique process beneficial for you, we invest more than 10 years of experience in sailing and training groups.